Intended for scanning the horizon, this the top of the range model in terms of beam distance and offers a staggering 1400m beam range. In order to achieve this long range narrow beam, some very specific engineering is required. A small single LED light source, hence only one 1800 Lumens led and a large deep prominent reflector. This makes the light physically large and also the most expensive model in the range. According to the ANSI FL1 standard which NiteCore adheres to, at 1400m the light intensity will be 0.25Lux, as much as bright moonlight in other words. So, if you want to see well at let’s say 700m, this is the choice for you. The TM38Lite  includes a short 4 x 3400Mah Li-ion battery pack, OLED display to indicate modes and runtime and plug in charger. Different brightness modes are available and will offer 2-60 hours of run time depending on the brightness selected.